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Attention management practices as a support for change

The most valuable thing in life is not time.
The most valuable thing is our focus.
He adds value to time.

About the method

About the method

Mindfulness practices are body-mind exercises to develop mindfulness and awareness. The approach is scientifically based and does not contain religious or esoteric components. Hundreds of scientific studies in neurophysiology, psychology and medicine prove the benefits of mindfulness and mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness is part of the corporate programs of technological giants (Apple, Google, Yahoo!), financial institutions (Deutsche Bank), multinational companies (Nike, Procter&Gamble, Ford), etc.

The UK government has included mindfulness in official guidelines from the National Health Service (NHS) and is also implementing these practices in schools and public institutions.

The world's leading universities and medical centers (Oxford, Harvard, Brown, etc.) continue to study and integrate this method of self-regulation into programs to improve human well-being.

Why it is a pillar for change

Why it's for you

Why it's for you

I strive to help those who manage change, live at a high speed and often do not have the opportunity to "disconnect for a week" to recover.

​Thanks to practices, we develop the following competencies:

Emotional intelligence:

seeing, accepting or changing one's own emotional, behavioral patterns, acting according to one's system of values and goals, not automatically.

Stress resistance and productivity: keep calm, find self-support, maintain and restore energy levels, regulate workload.

Flexibility of thinking: seeing the big picture, noticing cognitive distortions and your assessment of the situation, finding creative solutions and making better choices.

How to start

How to start

The initial training for mindfulness practitioners is a course that lays the foundation. The course contains theoretical and practical parts, allows you to analyze the Mindfulness method, look at its application for different needs.


Upon completion of the basic course, we can continue with one-off classes upon request. As with any skill, it takes time and regularity to build, consolidate and maintain mastery.

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Individual course

The course unfolds in accordance with your specifics

     personal request.


             You get knowledge of neurophysiology and practical

                 understanding the most effective techniques just for you

                      life situations.

                        After the first diagnostic and familiarization session,

                         we continue according to the strategy chosen together.

Duration: 8 sessions, 1 hour once a week

Daily support in the messenger

Audio recordings for practice between sessions

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Монтажна область 2 - копія.png
Монтажна область 2 - копія.png
Монтажна область 2 - копія.png

Text instructions

Монтажна область 2 - копія.png

Online / Offline on the territory of the client

Group course for teams and communities

A common space of new experience for teams, creative, public

         communities, groups of like-minded people.

                The course provides a practical understanding of basic 

                      mindfulness techniques with all its advantages for the 

                         individual. And also has a special component is the practice

                           of social noting, which develops concentration,

                                strengthens the connection in the group.

Duration: 5 sessions

(1 or 2 times a week at the choice of the group)

Communication and support in a closed group in the messenger

Монтажна область 2 - копія.png
Монтажна область 2 - копія.png
Монтажна область 2 - копія.png

Short informal practice tasks between sessions

Монтажна область 2 - копія.png

Number of participants: 4-20 people

Монтажна область 2 - копія.png

Online/Offline and group territories

Lectures and workshops

Introductory lecture-workshop.

Duration: 3 hours (with a 20-minute break).

*The structure and cost of special projects are developed separately upon request.

Mindfulness as an approach is perfectly integrated into training

           development programs for adults.

                   Both in the format of a separate event and in the format

                        special projects*.

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Your instructor

Your instructor

​Certified practical instructor

attention and awareness (mindfulness),

reputation strategist and manager.


I have been working in the field of management

since 2004 human attention. At first I did it as

an editor in the mass media, then as a publicist,

finally — as a reputation strategist. Managers and

businessmen find answers with me questions why,

where and how to direct attention of others.

And now the circle has closed -

I teach them to control the focus of their own attention.


I am convinced that a person is the owner of his life

and affairs through attention management and

awareness is able to create the most optimal

strategies — both personal and business and social.




Write - and we will talk about your optimal choice

Tamara Tachynska

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